The Idea

GreenVote is a web and mobile feedback platform providing institutional building management with valuable information about occupant comfort and helps them use these insights to optimize the comfort-efficiency balance of building. Our goal is to establish real-time communication between building management and occupants to control and design our everyday infrastructure more efficiently.

The Technology

Building Occupants can voice their opinion on metrics such as temperature, light, air quality or even service quality through mobile applications. Building occupants not only have the incentive to have an impact on building control but also engage with friends through social media in the feedback process. GreenVote then aggregates all votes for a particular location and provides rich analytics into the crowd sentiment to building managers subscribing to the data service. Through the GreenVote dashboard, building managers can handle their communication with users and customize the employed survey formats to standards such as LEED surveys. The focus of the GreenVote dashboard is on statistics describing the crowd sentiment over time and on correlating it to key environmental metrics such as weather or building management system data.

The Projects

GreenVote has recently received support from the Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund, Wharton Innovation Fund, Wharton Venture Initiation Program, and the Penn Green Campus Partnership. With the support of these groups and a Penn Green Fund Grant, GreenVote is launching several pilot tests in Penn Engineering and Wharton during the summer of 2013 and a campus wide test of approximately 20 buildings in September. Moreover, GreenVote will be employed for two LEED Existing Building certification projects in the Wharton School. GreenVote will also be used to facilitate the PowerDown Challenge, a competition between campus buildings to save energy.

The Team

Benedikt Lotter

Benedikt is currently a student in the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He plans to graduate in 2016 with degrees in Computer Science, Statistics, Environmental Policy, and Management. He has experience specifically in the Cleantech sector, data science and visualization and web & mobile development.

Karan Hiremath

Karan is currently a student in the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He plans to graduate with degrees in Computer Science, Management, and Finance and graduate in 2016. He has had experience specifically in the Robotics sector and with UI and User Experience development. Has also has experience with web & mobile development and has experience working in the Philadelphia startup scene.

Julian Offermann

Julian is a professional software developer heading a design and development shop in Munich Germany and Sulzer LLC, the US branch of an IT consulting firm focused on the automotive industry. He is the lead application architect behind GreenVote with 5+ years industry experience in software consulting and user-facing design.